Fyrkuna Metal Works – Liberia

Metal sculpture from AK47 metal scrap in Liberia

Fyrkuna Metal Works – Liberia

Fyrkuna Metalworks is a Liberian owned company with a German manager, Manfred Zbrzezny, working since 2007 using quality welding materials from Kjellberg. We specialize in Weapon conversion “arms into art“. Tweh Farm, Bushrod Island, Liberia.


  • Blacksmithing
  • Metal carpentry
  • Heavy duty welding
  • Training
  • Weapon conversion “arms into art“
  • Artistic design
  • Improved cooking stoves


  • One manager and artistic blacksmith/ designer
  • One blacksmith
  • Two  welder
  • One apprentice

Works executed

  • Tables , benches and banister made from weapon scrap at Marlin Corner
  • Two trees from weapon scrap for Save the Children U.K.
  • Entrance grill door, banister, window bars, underground and day fuel tank at LBDI-branch 9th street
  • Banister, grill doors, window bars , steel doors and supports at National Election Commission 10th street Sinkor
  • Gates and fence at Insurance Company of Africa , Sinkor
  • Window bars, steel doors and supports for solar panels for GTZ Police Promotion Project, Lofa County
  • Massive cash boxes for Care International microloan project.
  • We are certified producer for the red fire pot, an improved cooking stove for liberian use. This is part of a project by Giz- Endev.

On major projects we employed up to 12 welders, but since one of the difficulties encountered was the lack of technical skill in local welders we redimensioned our set up. Our hope is to conduct proper and serious training for our workers and future apprentices.

To maintain our capacity in professional welding we are able to contract certified african welders.

Training workshops for the producers of improved cooking stoves ( red fire pot)  have been conducted at our facility.