Statement of the Artist

  • February 9, 2017

November 7, 2013

Since 1984 I work as an artistic blacksmith and I have always been fascinated by transforming things (homo faber) .
The theme “arms into art” is a research in expression and variations. To combine pieces in a different setting gives the possibility to create a counterpoint.

What was an agent of destruction becomes a serene and particular object. A weapon after the disarmament is obsolete, I recreate and change its use. An aesthetic appearance and the recognition of the pieces origin at second glance is intentional. It is recycling in a broader sense, to show that even an object of suffering can be transformed into something useful. Also it is an ornamental illustration of a change in society.

I personally prefer organic shapes as they connect us to nature. The work with weapon scrap is a living process influenced by:

design / type  of order
significance of the work by itself
content given by observers
the fire in the forge
To create for me is a way towards a fulfilled life.
The next revolution is artistic-cultural.

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